Distribution Name: Fedora
Country of origin:  United States
Derived from: Red Hat
Original release date: November 2011
Current version: Fedora 23
Current version release date: November 2015
Default desktop environment: GNOME
Distribution webpage: https://getfedora.org/

Fedora is a popular operating system based on the Linux kernel and derived from Red Hat.  Fedora was created by Warren Togami, an undergraduate at Hawaii University in 2002. The initial goal of Fedora was to use the worldwide community to better its repository development. The “Fedora” trademark is owned by both Cornell University and Virginia University after settling over a combined project for their open source repository design. Fedora is an open source operating system that has released 23 versions since 2003 and is releasing its 24th on May 2016. It is also noted that the creator of the Linux kernal, Linus Torvalds, uses Fedora on all of his operating systems.