Linux Mint


Distribution name: Linux Mint
Country of origin: Ireland
Derived from: Ubuntu and Debian
Original release date: August 27, 2004
Current version: 17.3
Current version release date: December 3, 2015
Default desktop environment: Unity
Distribution webpage:

Linux Mint is a distribution based off of the Ubuntu and Debian distributions. It is the single most popular Linux distribution and is the 3rd most popular operating system in the world behind Windows and MacOS. The operating system is entirely community-driven and users can submit feedback to further improve upon the operating system. This allows for the operating system to be extremely secure with the ability for immediate patch releases once a vulnerability is discovered. Contained within the distribution is over 30,000 packages using one of the best software managers available. Linux Mint, being community driven, has a conservative approach to their software updates and with it’s unique update manager, little to no maintenance is needed to operate.